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As a Representative with, you can also earn wealth for tomorrow from the memberships you write today! First year commissions and vested renewals are part of the plan. As the members you write continue to pay their monthly dues you can earn renewal commissions for up to 9 years! This is our work-a-year, vest-a-year wealth building opportunity for you and you can vest up to 100% over a 10 year period.



We are firm believers that a Representative who writes good quality business, members that stay and pay, should have the opportunity for wealth accumulation in the company they help build. It is for this very reason that we designed the Initial Wealth-in-Numbers plan (IWIN). As you grow your business in your first full calendar year, the company sets aside 10% of your advances for e-share accumulation.

Upon completion of a full contract calendar year, you may participate in our Wealth-in-Numbers plan (WIN). WIN allows you to accumulate wealth on a consistent basis through the financial success of the company. sets aside an amount equal to 1% of your first year earned commissions and 16% of your renewal commissions for e-share accumulation.


As an Independent Sales Representative, you’ll have the independence and flexibility of building your own business, but you will not be alone. You will be part of the family, a dedicated team of individuals committed to the highest standards of professionalism and focused on achieving their goals. You can look forward to great contests with HUGE payout opportunities, fabulous prizes, and world-class trips. Some of our ISRs that have been with us for decades have taken lavish trips to destinations like San Francisco, Puerto Rico, New York, Orlando the Bahamas and many other locations.

Recognizing Your Success
There are several events held throughout the year that provide the opportunity for ISRs to network with their peers, to share ideas, and of course to celebrate their successes. Whether it’s an opportunity meeting, a Top Gun Retreat, or leadership training, you’ll be taking steps toward your personal development … and you’ll soon realize that we always find a way to have a good time.

The highlight of each year is the annual tradition of our convention. Home office staff, leadership, and ISRs from across the country gather to see old friends, make new ones, and recognize our award winners.


Your Opportunity Starts Here

Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity a career with is both financially and personally rewarding. We are committed to building a solid future by investing in the success of our committed representatives. Now take the first step, start by signing up here or speak with one of our leaders.


Team Goal Minimums

As we are halfway through this year let's regroup and refocus! We are People Helping People, bringing the safety and savings benefits to our communities! Especially right now, people need 24/7, no copay access to a doctor! People need savings on prescriptions and...