Building Your Business Tips

  • Make a Connection to the Product – Know what you have! This is more than just attending the training webinar. Dig through and read the documents on your Portal. Know your Policies and Procedures. Explore all the icons and buttons on your landing page and List the benefits and value-added features you genuinely believe could benefit clients. Hang the list in a place where you’ll notice it daily, such as your bathroom mirror or your car dashboard. The more top-of-mind these points are, the more comfortable you will feel speaking to them, and incorporating them into conversations. 
  • Consider Your Market – Who can you help? Which benefits might stand out most to whom? Write it down! This is your business, treat it that way. Plan your week, day by day. Write down who you want to talk to and why that person came to your mind. Shift your mindset away from selling and toward helping people better their lives.
  • Be Authentic – Listen. Answer questions. Be a resource of information and guide your potential client. If you successfully sell the membership to them or not, care and be comfortable with the result… Accept their responses and ask them who they know that might be helped by these benefits. We are People Helping People.
  • Don’t Take Rejection Personally – You want to make the sale because your client believes in the benefits, not FOR YOU… which is also true if they don’t buy. It is about them. They may choose it isn’t for them, which is NOT a reflection on you. It is ok. Keep looking for those who would benefit from the membership. Not everyone is your client.
  • Never Stop Learning – Google, research, network. This is your business as an Independent Outside Sales Representative. Embrace being Independent. Your success is in your hands! Develop your presentation and research ways and phrases to help make your process easier. Find professional inspiration!
  • Be Consistent, Be Organized – Put effort into planning and setting goals. Keep a notebook and stay organized. Track what works and what doesn’t. Write down questions about products, the sales process, our websites… anything you need more information on and then go seek the answers. Keep notes so you get better month by month. Plan how many sales you want to make each month and then break that down by week and create true goals… Make sure to hold yourself to them!