Let’s make sure your file is updated! A BIG part of being an Independent Sales Rep for Membership.com is the ability to sell multiple membership packages, providing the right benefits for your clients. Please note: You CAN still choose to present only the products you have been selling previously. Whether you’ve been selling NMC, AIA or a combination of both, to continue to sell as an agent we must update your ISR paperwork!

To update your contract existing and ACTIVE* reps can follow this link: https://signup.membership.com/newagreement

*Remember, to keep your contract active you MUST sell at least one membership plan during a 12 month period! If you are unsure of the last time you sold, please contact the home office for details.

The NMC Membership Plans still require some state licenses. Any state licenses already obtained will transfer. For any state licenses you’d like to pursue, the corresponding paperwork is available on your portal. Contact the Home Office with questions regarding licenses.

The Association for Independent Americans Independence Membership Plan does not require a state license to sell and is able to be sold across state lines.

To add a Membership Plan to your Sales Tool Belt please see the Training Calendar and attend the product training webinar needed.

Call your Home Office to register your spot! 972-999-1099